Make it simple, but significant. 

Welcome. I am a commercial director born and raised in Los Angeles. My focus is electronics and communication. I want to help make your next energetic, rhythmic, colorful tech spot. 

I graduated from Cal State University Northridge, where I directed my short film Beats Per Minute and sold it to iTunes for distribution. I started in the business assisting Oscar® Award Winning producer Nicholas Chartier, and renowned commercial and music video director Samuel Bayer. I have vast experience working on productions from broadcast to digital. I was once a serious dancer, now I spend my free time dancing to tecnho in dirty warehouses. 

Additional work available upon request, or send me an email and say hello. 


Shoot Magazine’s New Directors  Showcase
Shots Magazine's Evolution Showcase
Panavision® New Filmmakers Grant
Hollywood Foreign Press Fellow
Member of Alliance of Women Directors
Member of Free the Bid